The Cocaine Famine

Directed by Sam McMullen

The Cocaine Famine is an Irish black comedy about cocaine and the futility of nationalism.

Two Irish drug dealers, Jacko and his much-maligned sidekick Niallser, drag a captured cockney rival into an abandoned shed in the depths of rural Ireland. A stash of cocaine has gone missing, supplies are running low, and Jacko has his mind set on who is responsible. Things don’t look good for Andy, the prisoner from London. Especially since the vengeful Jacko has a mighty bone to pick with the English. One that goes all the way back to the Famine. The interrogation spirals into a fiercely nationalistic debate about Anglo-Irish history, increasing the threat that something truly terrible is going to happen.

Set in an isolated shed, our three characters play out this absurd scene in real time. The result is a short film full of playful humour and hard-hitting historical facts.