Somebody, Somewhere, Who Looks After Critters

Directed by Sarah Ingersoll

Somebody, Somewhere, Who Looks After Critters is a short documentary centred on the self-imposed life mission of Alex Scade. It is a film that touches on subjects of spirituality, self-reflection, and selflessness. It is also a story of ageing, solitude, and the struggles inherent in living an unconventional life in the modern world.

Alex runs a one man animal sanctuary from his self-built cabin on the edge of the Beara peninsula in the southwest of Ireland. With no electricity and his only water provided by a hose attached to a distant neighbour’s house, Alex has eschewed modern conveniences in order to devote himself to injured animals.

Over the course of a day Alex provides a glimpse into his unusual way of life and his own philosophy. As he tends to the swans, emus, and donkeys in his care he reflects on how the death of his mother impacted him, and how growing up in the slums of 1950’s Glasgow contributed to his love for animals.

While living a seemingly selfless life, Alex is the first to acknowledge his own flaws. However through his actions he has found a kind of peace. As he himself puts it:

Even though I’m a very unenlightened person… you can still do things that are enlightened things to do. So thats what I do here.