iffy 4 Selection Announced!

October 30, 2019 12:00 pm

We have announced our dazzling array of short films for their 4th edition on Saturday 23rd of November at The Pearse Centre Theatre, Dublin 2 and tickets are now on sale.

Our festival is known for its carefully created and easily digestible programme of short films and forging an intimate and relaxed vibe which allows the audience to mingle and chat about the films they have seen over a glass of wine. This edition sees a fascinating and eclectic selection of ten short films, eight of which are from Ireland. Also screening is a French Canadian animation and a wonderful experimental piece from North Carolina USA.

Maura, an aspiring poet, has been dumped in a voice mail. It was only a casual thing, but she’s still stuck with those grim feelings that come with rejection: self loathing, anger, resentment and an insatiable hunger for chocolate mousse.
And bacon.
And wine.

A woman wakes from a nightmare, but the nightmare has only begun.

In this offbeat comedy uptight Helen is forced to embark on a radical journey to dispose of her dead husband George’s body in this cross country adventure. With nothing going to plan Helen struggles to keep her composure while George’s wacky sister Charlie is convinced their misadventure is leading them to become best friends.

When VIV a first year medical student at Trinity College Dublin takes a scalpel to a cadaver in her university anatomy room, she is propelled on a soul-searching, emotional and philosophical quest into the nature of what it means to be alive.

A journey into the collective gut of cats and Northern Ireland.

A group of underachievers who decide to start a Sunday League football team leading to hilariously disastrous results.

We can all empathise with the grief of the Mother of a Murder Victim… Can we empathise with the grief of the Mother of the Murderer? Should we..

They said there’s no replacement for a mother’s love…

One masked dancer threatens the cycle of pursued acceptance met by authoritative rejection when part of her facade falls away and she can truly see.

A boy goes on an adventure to find his teddy bear stolen by a monster under his bed.